Thursday, February 23, 2017


Grady started drum lessons in January.  He absolutley love it!  He told me, "mom, you know how I have never been into sports? Well, I'm really into drums.  I love it".  You can find him drumming along with songs, at the dinner table (much to my annoyance), and on most surfaces.  He practices without being asked which is amazing.  While drums are the loudest instrument in the world, they totally suit his wild personality.  Rock on, Grady.

After playing for a month, we bought him a drum set.

Winterish Photos

It seems as if Spring is right around the corner.  A little early this year, but I'll take it.  Although, climate change is occurring rapidly, this mama doesn't like the cold winter months.  Here are a few random photos that I have taken throughout Jan and Feb.

Our first snow.  It wasn't much but the kids loved it


Trampoline fun in the winter

They are strange boys

Pip loved the snow too

Watching the snow fall

Ceasar preferred to stay inside

Hot coco after some sledding

Winter time is perfect for the indoor pool at the gym.  We go there often

Emma was asked to go hang out with our neighbor, Sherri. She adores her time with Sherri

The ever social Grady is always at a friends house or a sleepover.  Always.  Here are the 21 Cobras, his band.

With this warm weather, we have gotten in a few winter hikes

There has been some selfie taking

More trampoline time

Emma took these beauties

Emma and her class pet, Gus.

We've done some bike riding and had a few accidents

More cold weather jumping


Myles is playing indoor soccer this season

My constant companion in the kitchen

Making tortillas was messy business

Some time at Lake Tomahawk

The duck whisperer

Josh is becoming an expert manicurist

Who needs clothes to get there nails painted?

Pip is waiting for Spring to arrive

Monday, January 30, 2017

Women's March

Boy am I fired up!  I'm mad at our country, mad at the Great Orange Beast that is running it, and mad at the injustice that he stands for.  Again, I felt like I needed to take action.  I have called and emailed numerous senators, signed petitions and marched.  I will continue to fight and luckily for me, I raised three mini fighters as well.  We will not stand for people to be persecuted, for people less fortunate to be bullied or for women's right to be taken (not to mention a laundry list of other items).  Hell NO!  It blows my mind that people voted for that arrogant, racist, xenophobic, son of a bitch.  He has no business running our country.  
 I was debating about going to the Women's March in Asheville but they were estimating 10,000 people were going.  While I would have loved to be a part of something that big, Emma wanted to march too.  I felt it was important that she come with me so we chose to go to the Black Mountain Women's March.  
It was perfect.  All the badass women of Blk Mtn marching together.  I felt a real sense of community  and was so proud to walk with friends and neighbors.  They estimated that 600 people came to the march.  That is a lot considering we only have a population of 7,000.  I was so proud of my little town.  

My little activists making signs

We had some really great talks.  My kids will always be champions of the underdog.  

Em even made her own sign.  I LOVE it

The Blk Mtn Women's March

It began in the town square

The town bear was proudly wearing a "pussy" hat

I will teach her to be strong, to be loving and that she has a powerful voice.

I marched for her

One of my favs

Melissa and I

This was from the march in Washington but I had to steal it :)