Thursday, January 25, 2018

Women's March

In a town of roughly 7,000 people, we had approximately 500 show up for our Woman's March.  I believe there were more this year than last.  It was great to walk with like minded people in   solidarity.  Although it was not in a big city, I felt we were making an statement.  As one speaker pointed out, sometimes it is braver to march in a small town where you lose the ability to be anonymous.  We were not invisible, we were seen by many.  Some cheered and waved, some were not as kind.  I, as well as many, will continue to march until we have achieved change.

Photos taken from a drone

A group of kids made pins and were handing them out.

Snow Days and Winter, Blah...

We have had some decent days and some not so great ones.  We try to get outside on the nice days.  Not so much going on, such is winter.  I'm over it.

Emma love to play "mechanic"

Grady has been riding his mini bike any chance he gets


We didn't get a lot of snow, maybe 2 inches.  It was mostly ice and very low temperatures.  The kids were out of school for 2 1/2 days.

Emma got stuck in a mud hole.  I didn't realize she was stuck when I took the pic.  Then I had to go down and pull her out.

We made sugar cookies to stay busy

Of course, Em played with her makeup

On sunny weekend, we have been heading down to the land

Big accomplishment...Emma learned how to blow bubbles

And of course, there is my constant companion.  

I'm convinced everyone should have a 3 legged Chihuahua.  The world would be a happier place


Friday, January 5, 2018


Emma is a ball of energy that desperately needed an outlet.  She is too young to play most organized sports so we have been waiting.  Luckily, I looked into taekwondo.  It seems like the perfect sport for this fierce, wild child.  They are supposed to teach discipline, courtesy and control.  That is exactly what Emma needs and fast.  

Here she is after her first class.  Of course, she is the boss and teaching the boys.  After one class, she considered herself a master.


Giving orders

The boys saw how much fun she was having and they just had to join as well.  On their first day, they were asked to kick a board.  There were some left over pieces from the testing day so the boys got to practice.  Unfortunately, breaking wood is the coolest and can't be topped.  Their second class was all about form and they were sad.  I hope they keep it up

Kicking cardboard at home

The fiercest girl on the planet.  Do not attempt to stand in her way.

The unstoppable Scala kids