Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I landed a pretty amazing job with a wonderful non-profit environmental education organization.  I started with the school year and jumped in full force.  It is just starting to slow down and I can catch my breath.  We teach 5th grade science curricula using nature as our guide.  All of our expeditious are  in wilderness areas or parks, where the kids get to experience learning outside.  We work with over 25 schools in NC and SC, meeting with each school 6 times over the course of the school year.  It is one of the most meaningful jobs that I have ever had.  I truly think we make a difference with children.  

The crew

black and yellow garden spider

During a stream survey, we caught these awesome water bugs

Silent reflection/meditation


Two lined salamander

We built boats to learn about forces and motion.  

We always find surprises on every expedition

like this rat snake that popped out of a log while we were having lunch

Girls Weekend- Charlotte

Girls weekend rolled around again!  This time we planned last minute and decided on Charlotte, NC. Lisa and I could drive there within 2 hours and poor Kris had to fly again.  Of course, there was a lot of talking, catching up, eating and drinking.  It is always to much fun to see these ladies and act like we are 18 again.  Can't wait to see you all again next year.  

Lisa, Kristy and me

The big city of Charlotte

Fun with fire on a rooftop....and possibly too many drinks

Lisa made us take shots.

Ugh, we are definitely not 18 anymore

We found a hole in the wall bar with a bluegrass band.  

My kind of dancing music

The long walk home

Just a wee bit too much

Meanwhile at home, my family was burning photos of Trump in our wood stove 

The next day, we got pedicures

and room service

We walked around Charlotte.  Not a lot too see, just a big city

Kristy and the blustery day....it was a tad windy

The following night we had drinks at the Ritz

IT was decorated for Xmas

Then sushi.  What a fun weekend.  Miss my girls....

Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy 4th Emma

Feisty. Wild. Sassy. Just a few words that people use to describe you (often said with a hint of negativity).  I prefer to think of you as Fearless. Fierce. Bold.  Sweet, kind and gentle are what I use to think of of when I thought of little four year old girls.  Now, I  know better ;).  You will grow into the kind of woman that I would want in my circle of friends (sweet ladies are often boring).  As a toddler you were a mess but I can see through to latter years and you are going to be one hell of a adult. 

 As your mama, I promise to never break your wild spirit but to let you spread your wings and fly.  

Happy 4th! (or to Josh and I, Happy-thank-God-you-are-not-3-anymore)

A birthday cupcake for breakfast

We let her open one present before school

She grabbed the one from Papaw and Mimi

Thank You!!

Josh and I got her a kitchen 

Shelley and Peter found her all sorts of fun kitchen items

Her very own coffee maker!  This girl loves her coffee

Looks like she wants a cup

and a pizza making set

She bossed the boys around in the kitchen for a bit

Look who really loves the kitchen

At night she got another cupcake

She couldn't wait for her party.

all her friends came to sing to her

I have never seen someone more excited for people to sing Happy Birthday

Our little fiery girl actually caught her hair on fire.  I'm not surprised.

Two of the most wonderful gifts!  Melissa sewed her an adorable pillow and our neighbor, Ruth, made her a blanket.

For days afterwards, Emma insisted on having candles on all her meals.  

I was required to sing Happy Birthday each time.  Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you....