Wednesday, June 6, 2018

End of the Year Campouts

I can't say enough positive things about the school the boys attend.  At the end of every year, the teachers and parents take the kids camping for 3 to 4 days.  It is something the kids look forward to all year.  You can only imagine the amount of coordination that goes into bringing 50 kids into the woods for almost a week.  There's the equipment, the chaperones, activities and last but not least all the food.  It is no small feat to pull these camp outs off.  I am always surprised at how organized they always are for each camping event.  
As usual, Josh went as a chaperone.  He says Emma's camp outs will be all mine.  Josh and both boys had a great time and enjoyed the experience.  

Myles camp out was first.  They went to Pisgah National Forest, close to the fish hatchery.

Mrs. Marianne, Myles' awesome teacher

Waterfall fun

One night they had a storyteller

Tent city

Evergreen has so many talented teachers and parents.  Music is always playing

Food lines

The gang

Grady's campout was the following week

They went to Joyce Kilmer, one of the only old growth forests in WNC.

Mr. Ben, Grady's teacher.  Who knows what they are talking about?!

I'm not sure what he is doing??

Saturday, June 2, 2018


On Wednesday, Emma was sitting on a ball at the top of our porch stairs.  She wobbled off the ball and went head first down the stairs.  Josh was outside with her and I heard the crash from inside.  I think she bounced off all the steps.  I knew something was wrong just by the way she was crying.  She wouldn't move her arm and became a little sluggish.  I called the pediatrician and they told me to go to the orthapedic urgent care.  
We sat in the waiting room for about 1 1/2 hours and she didn't move off of her chair.  I knew she was really hurt when she sat still for that long.  After X-rays and a doctor checkup, he told us that she had broken her clavicle.  She will have to be in a sling for 3 weeks and we will go back for more X-rays.  This is going to be a challenge for this active little girl.  It has been 2 days and she has already snuck by me and her teachers and gone down slides 3 times!!  It will be a miracle if she heals correctly.

Heading to the urgent care

She was a bit shocky.  She never sleeps in the car.  I knew she was in a lot of pain.

Waiting for the doctor.

Broken clavicle

Just look at that sad, sweet face

This tough thing begged to go to art camp the following morning.  

Gramma and Grandpa sent an edible arrangement with balloons

It's not so bad being injured!!

This broken bone hasn't slowed her down.

Friday, June 1, 2018

PreK Graduation

After almost 10 years of going to Montreat Morning School, the Scalas have left the building!! I'm not sure how the teachers put up with all three of our wild preschoolers but they made it.  Emma was both excited and nervous for her graduation.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Emma to do something......interesting but it didn't happen.  She did a great job!  Congrats, Emma!  Now, Evergreen will have all three Scalas in one school.  

Her diploma

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said "a teacher".

Graduation day also happened to be Grady's birthday.  He picked Okie Dokies for dinner.

They chose root beer as their special drink.

Emma donned her cape and mask in preparation for graduation.

The graduating class

The look on her face when she saw us in the audience.

They had to sit for a very long time.  She did great!

The church elders praying over the kids

Cap and gown time

The boys cracked up the whole time.

Seriously, the whole time

Emma going to get her diploma

Funny story:  They had to put her out of alphabetical order because every time a student walked by to accept their diploma, she tripped them.  She had to be moved to the far end by the teachers so she wouldn't stick her leg out.  I acted shocked when her teachers told me but inside I was laughing!

Mrs. Jada, Mrs. Melanie and Mrs. Fake (Faith)

I zoomed up on her walking across stage.  Just look at that tongue.

I'm so proud of you, baby girl.  Go get em!