Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dry Falls

It was a lazy Sunday and we didn't have much to do.  We took a drive to Dry Falls about 2 hours west of Black Mountain.  It was a beautiful drive and the falls were gorgeous.  The trip was spur of the moment and we didn't do a lot of research (go figure).  I wish we would have known that there wasn't really a hike to the falls, more like a roadside attraction.  It was crowded and took all of 2 minutes to walk to.  Anyway, exploring the small towns along the way was fun even if the hiking was short.

Dry falls in the background

There were several caves to explore

You can walk behind the falls, hence the name

These boys just can't stay on a trail.  There is always something to climb

We found a small fair in Franklin.  Emma happily got her face painted.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I have been looking for a tiny dog for some time now.  I've gone to visit a few in the shelter but I haven't seen any that I really felt a connection with.  I wanted a small female, good with cats, kids and dogs and MUST be a rescue.  After searching for a couple months, I saw Sachi listed at a local shelter.  I was totally in love.  She's a 9 month old, 5 pound Chihuahua mix that was hit by a car.  Sachi was taken to a local shelter where her leg had to be amputated.  When I told Josh I was heading to a shelter to get a 3 legged Chihuahua, he was not surprised.  I have wanted a 3 legged dog since we met.  I tried to convince him that I needed a one-eyed cat when we got Caesar but that didn't go over too well.  After 16 years, he did not argue about the 3 legged dog.
Although she has 3 legs, you would never know it.  She runs like crazy, like a little deer, hopping around on her back pogo stick.  She is sweet, calm and adorable.  Sachi is the calm in the storm of our crazy house.  I call her my emotional support dog.

These were the photos online.  

How was she not adopted right away??

Luckily for Sachi, she was in a foster home and not in the shelter

She had been in the foster home since April.

Now herein lies the problem.....Emma

She loves Sachi to the point of potential disaster.  She reminds me of Darla from Finding Nemo.  The little girl that loves fish so much that she kills them.  Yup, just think Darla....

We are working on their relationship

They had to take turns holding her on the ride home 

I keep telling her that Sachi is MY dog but she isn't having it

I have to constantly remind Em that Sachi is NOT a baby but a small dog

Pip took to Sachi immediately. 

She hides when Pip is too annoying

Pip patiently waits for her to come out

She can't get any cuter 

Look where she sleeps at night

Just making her some dinner

Seriously, she never puts her down.  It's driving me insane 

She loves Myles' calm personality and seeks him out


My happy place

What's missing in this photo....a leg

Pip is learning to share

Don't mind the ice cream all over Em's face.

How I wake up.  What you don't see is Pip sleeping across my legs (Josh was out of town or the bed would have been really crowded)

Just reading a field guide to Sachi so she knows about snakes

I just can't stand the adorableness