Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pops Visits

Josh's Dad, aka Pops, came to visit last weekend.  He wanted to help Josh with the house and hang with the kids.  Josh and his Dad got a lot of work done and the kids loved seeing him.

Josh and Ron hung all of the kitchen cabinets

The kids used the cardboard boxes to make a village

It was Mother's Day that Sunday and we went out to lunch.  

Grady put a lot of thought into my Mother's Day card.  He said he was too busy talking with his friends.

We took Pops on a hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway

It was also our 10th wedding anniversary.  We went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Limones.  Check out the Lobster Nachos.

The best brussel sprouts in the world

Spicy Margarita 

More fun with cardboard.

It went from a village to a slide

Emma checking out her new room.

The kitchen is almost finished.  It just needs granite and appliances.

Shower tile (looks like barn wood)

Kitchen island.  Josh and Ron really did a lot of work in a short time.  Thank you, Ron, for all of your help with the house.  

Around the house (both tiny and big)

Here are a few photos from our recent days.

Drywall is up

Emma made me walk around the neighborhood with an umbrella and rain jacket.  She insisted that it was raining.

We even had to jump in "muddy puddles".  

Princess Myles

I took the kids to the Biltmore on a sunny day while Josh was working on the house.

She was in trouble.

Construction site play

She still LOVES her cat

My running partner the other night

I had an entire entourage.  

Emma reading to Caesar

It was bring your pet to school day for Grady.  I brought Caesar and he hasn't forgiven me yet.

One mom was a vet and she brought a box full of kittens.  Emma was in heaven. 

Em had her 6 month cardiology appt and all looked good.

It was even better than last visit so we don't have to go back for another year.  Yea!!

Our Wild Backyard

We have a spring on our property and the boys are always finding creatures.  It makes for hours of entertainment.  Hopefully, it will keep them busy over the summer.

Jimmy, the Green Frog.

Grady begged his teacher to let him bring Jimmy into the classroom.  We had to keep it over night in a tupperware so he could bring it to school the next day.  I was awake all night listening to the poor guy bash his brains into the side of the plastic.  You can hear pretty much everything in 400 square feet.  Plus, I can't stand for wildlife or pets to be in cages.  

Jimmy made it through the day at school and we released him back to the spring

The next creature was an adorable ring neck snake