Thursday, June 16, 2016

Officially Summer

It's summer!!  The first two weeks of summer are the hardest at our house.  The boys usually argue a ton because they haven't been together for days on end.  This week hasn't been too bad.  We've kept busy and I think that has helped.  

We took the boat out on the weekend

The water felt great in the 90 degree weather

Emma is really trying to swim this year.  With a few lessons, she might be able to do it.

Kirsten and I took the kids to the Biltmore.

Myles playing checkers

Emma waiting for someone to play checkers with her.  There weren't any takers because she won't give up the pieces.

We came home and made Putty.  Lilyanne and Anika made some the other day so Grady and Myles have been dying to try it

Not sure if they did it right

Swim practice started a few weeks ago



Grady, Lilyanne, Lia, Anika and Eli swimming in a pond.  Yup, its officially summer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Progress on the House and Other Bits

The house is coming along.  I think we have about 3 weeks until we can move in, maybe less.  Josh is working like crazy and it is coming together.

We had some flooding in the basement after a major storm.  Hay from the yard blocked up the drainage pipe.  Emma saw this as an opportunity to enjoy her float.

Fun with boxes.  I'm pretty sure Grady made Myles a coffin. "RIP Mr. Scala"

A footer was used as a hot tub

Shopping with Emma at Lowes is the bane of my existence.  I lost her (as usual because she runs like a track star) and look where I found her.  

Grady's class awards.  His teachers awarded him the "Steve Irwin Award- for his love of adventure, compassion and knowledge of animals, and for his Integrity.  
His classmates gave him the "Fox Club Award- for starting the 21 Cobras (his band), being a wildlife enthusiast, funny, a good singer, songwriter, and song maker.  Always smiling, adventurous, enthusiastic, kind, cool and funny.  Best snake catcher and reptile identifier".

Myles' class field trip to Mills River.  His teachers awarded him with the "Curiosity and Courage Award".  They said, "Myles is a compassionate friend who is able to express gratitude towards his friends during our class meetings.  Myles is a curious learner and a natural leader."  

End of the Year Boy Scout Party

This was the first year that the boys participated in Boy Scouts.  They seem to like it so far but I don't see them becoming Eagle Scouts or anything.  They had their end of the year party and moved up to the next level.

The Tiger Scouts preformed a song

This kind of thing is a little too babyish for Myles, seeing as he was born an old man.  He managed to channel his inner child and sing.

Watching Grady's skit

Too bad this is blurry.

Myles receiving his awards

I even got an award and I should have!!  Boys Scouts demand more homework than school!

Grady receiving his awards

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Character Matters

Every year the first grade at Evergreen preforms a play, Character Matters.  It's a cute play about being a good person.  All the kids are fairy tale characters that have a slight moral flaw.  All the grades came to see the play and the older kids were singing along as they remember preforming as 1st graders.  It was so sweet to see 8th graders excited to sing with the little ones.  
Myles played two parts, Baby bear from Goldilocks and the Mirror from Snow White.  He was fabulous!  My boys do not lack confidence.  

The Bears and Goldilocks

Baby Bear and Goldilocks

I don't normally post videos but these were too cute.

The Magic Mirror

Reflecting on their hard work.  It wouldn't be an Evergreen event without reflection and meditation :)

The first grade class

Just a few random pics of Myles at a birthday party