Friday, August 28, 2015

First Day of Preschool

I can't believe we are back at Montreat Morning School.  After two years of being away, the Scalas are gracing the halls again.  Emma started in the 2 year old room.  She was so excited to start school.  The boys have been back for a week and she didn't understand why she wasn't going.  Em likes to do everything Grady and Myles do.  She tries her hardest to keep up.  Watch out MMS, Emma Scala is in the house!!

Did she cry when I dropped her off?  No way!  She took control of that classroom.  Well, she did tell her teacher "no" when asked to do something.  Ooops, we will work on that.  I was not surprised in the least.  She's a firecracker.

This little girl is a force to be reckoned with.  I have no doubt in my mind that she will "go places" in life. 

Summer Fades

As much as the boys wish it wouldn't, summer fades away.  We enjoyed our last few days before school started.  Out on the water, time with friends, sleeping in and just being lazy occupied our days.  While they were dreading the start of the school year, I was secretly cheering.  All four of us together, in 440 square feet was almost more that I could take.  Yeah for school!!

Our great friends, Kelly and Steven, moved to Oregon.  We were able to spend a day at the lake with them before they headed west.  

Good times with the Wardwells

Not sure what I was talking about

or what he was talking about....

The boys went back to school before Emma started.  We had fun with some babies

And reading in a "nest"

Kirsten and I took the kids hiking at Chimney Rock.

Can you find Grady?

I just love this photo.  Do you think she was hungry for pizza?

Camping (for real) in Boone

The weekend before school started, we gave tent camping another shot.  I am astonished to report that it was fun!  Yes, I was shocked.  Go back to a post from last summer, camping at lake Jocasse, and you will see how the last time we camped turned out.  What a train wreck.  
We went up to the Boone area and camped at Julian Price Campground, off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The campground was awesome and the kids enjoyed "real" camping.  Although, Myles argued that we still weren't really camping.  "Camping is when you go out in the woods and sleep under a tree".  Ok, Buddy, you can go sleep out under a tree any time.  I will take my tent.

Real camping

The first day we went to Tweetsie Railroad

While Emma loved this ride, she did not enjoy the Ferris wheel or tilt a whirl.   I think we traumatized her.  It was partially her fault.  I wasn't going to let her on the tilt a whirl but she looked at Josh and said, "I need that".  Josh obliged and took her on it. She screamed and looked like she was going to barf.  Bad parenting on our part.

The next day we went to Grandfather Mountain.

Their animal exhibits are phenomenal

Em soaked in the sun

The Mile High Swinging Bridge.


I did it!!!  I drove 7.5 hour by myself with the kids.  We made it in one piece and I didn't have to yell too much....just a little.  I am still questioning my sanity.  We stayed almost two weeks in Virgina and hung out with my folks.  The kids love visiting Mimi and Papaw's and I love going "home".

The kids love to steal "Mimi's chair".

Mimi took the boys to the movies so Emma and I went to Burke Lake Park.  We rode the train and the carousel.

She loved it

Emma's favorite spot.  Bumming food from Papaw as he tries to eat.

Papaw took the kids to the farm to shoot BB guns and ride the ATV.

When asked what their favorite part of the trip was, this won....hands down.

Of course, we hit the museums.  Once again, I questioned my sanity.  Who takes three kids, by themselves, to the museums in DC in the summer?

The American History Museum had a cool exhibit about inventions.  DJ Myles

We hung out around the house a lot

Played in the pool

Grady even caught a little ring neck snake in the garden

I was able to catch up with one of my dearest friends, Brooke.  I love that our kids have gotten to know each other.

Emma was in awe of Mimi's makeup station (is that what you call this?).  If you know me, you know full well that I do not own any of these items.  Makeup?? What's that?

Bubble time

Mimi and Papaw's house probably still isn't the same.  They have a tendency to move things around.

I tried to get some cute pictures in Mimi's amazing garden.  This is what I got......

Not so cute

At least the flowers cooperated

The kids did not

Emma and Mimi, making deviled eggs (and a huge mess).