Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Myles asked if he could play soccer this year and of course we said yes.  He has loved it so far.  They have had 3 games/practices.  They practice for 30 min and then play a game for 30 min.  He has 6 kids on his team and play 3 on 3 against other teams.  Myles just might be our team sports guy.  Go Pandas!!
He is getting so big!  I can't stand it.

The kid his skills

Here they are trying to "eat the rain".

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring {Break}?- part 2

The vacation continues.....
I'm a sucker for a good environmental education center and we found one.  The boys had a blast doing the scavenger hunt and checking out the displays.  Even Little E liked strolling along the exhibits.  She was beginning to feel a little better by this point.
After the EE center, we went to visit Brien's, Josh's best friend from college, parents.  They lived in Ponte Vedra only a few minutes from St Augustine.  It was great to catch up and take it easy. 
On the way back to NC we stopped off in Beaufort, SC.  I love this little town and wanted to show Josh and the kids around.  It was a nice spot to break up the ride home as well.
Myles hard at work at the EE center
They love this stuff.  Like mother, like sons

Yay, there was finally a smile on her face

Visiting the Meaghers

This is my all time favorite picture from the trip.  I call it "the gargoyle".

Enjoying the pool

On our last night we went out to get seafood.  The kids were well behaved....can you tell?

Another attempt to get a pic of all three.  Again, E was not having it.

Our stop in Beaufort, SC

A perfect place to take a break and stretch our legs

Miss Priss was finally feeling better as we were heading home.  What a trip!!!

Spring {Break}?-Part 1

We drove down to Florida over spring break to soak in the sunshine.  Josh and I attempted to drive late so the kids would sleep.  Ha!  Fat chance of that.  11pm rolled around and the little monsters were all still awake and watching movies.  Our tactic did not work out the way we planned.  Little E started feeling hot on the drive down and by the time we arrived in St. Augustine, she had a full blown fever.  Poor baby was miserable. 
Picture this....5 of us in one hotel room, a baby with a fever that refused to sleep for 48 hrs and two boys that sleep like maniacs and fall off the beds every couple hours.  Seems restful, huh?  Vacation??? I think not.  Josh and I now need a vacation from our vacation.  All said and done, the boys had a wonderful time.
Josh and I chose St Augustine because we love that little city.  It is so great with the old architecture and inviting streets.  Last time we went down there it was before kids.  We were bar hopping and having a blast.  This time was a wee bit different.

I attempted to get a pic of all three of them.  E was not going to have it.

The boys were dying to check out the Alligator Farm and Zoo.  Ask and ye shall receive

Poor baby, dosed on Tylenol, went along for the ride.  She was quite the trooper.

The boys were in heaven

Buddha Boys

E loves birds.  She looks for them everywhere.  She found a vulture friend at the Alligator Farm and pigeons to chase in the city.

Watch out, Grady

Myles is not such a great actor.  I think he was pretending that the gator got his arm.  Grady was acting scared

After a long day of gator wrestling, we went back to the hotel

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Grady has never been interested in sports.  Every year we ask him if he wants to sign up for soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.  He always answers with, "maybe next year".  Josh and I don't care so we don't push it.  It's not that he is not athletic, he swims like a fish and can jump his bike over things I would much rather he not, but he hasn't shown any interest in organized sports.  This is fine with me as I know his personality.  He would be the kid on the baseball field looking for bugs and not paying attention (I can't say I blame him). 
This all changed when he got a brochure for wrestling in his backpack.  He was so excited and said he wanted to sign up.  So, Grady has been wresting for the past couple months.  Josh takes him twice a week to get his butt kicked.  Apparently, the poor kid spends the entire time getting tossed around.  BUT he does so with a huge smile on his face. 
Warming up with a few cartwheels

Getting a little instruction from the coach

Not sure who is winning this match

or this one......

Here he is showing off his bloody nose which is not a rare occurrence.  Luckily, Josh is willing to watch him practice.  I sat through one and as a mother, I had a rough time watching my baby get thrown around like a rag doll. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Greenville Zoo

The weather was amazing this weekend in WNC but it was even warmer in Greenville, SC.  So we went south of the border to check out the zoo and soak in the sun.  I'm not a big fan of zoos but if I had to go to one, the Greenville Zoo is pretty nice.  It's small enough for little feet to run all over and not get tired.  Plus, there is a great playground right outside the entrance.  It was worth the trip.
The crew

Baby loved the animals and wanted to touch all of them.

Grady next to the alligators, his favorite.

Riding the Lion

Goodness, I can just see them at 16 in a real car.

Watching the monkeys

Myles and his obession with stuffed animals.  He bought a Great Horned Owl at the gift shop with his own money.


Wild Men

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Snow....and More Snow

We got snow and then more snow and more snow.  Goodness.  The boys were out of school for a week.  We tried to make the best of being stuck inside.  By the look of these pictures, we had a blast.  What you are not seeing is me screaming like a lunatic and the boys being very sassy.  Yes, that happened too.  Way too much family time.  Below are a few highlights from the week.

Snow bunnies

Aren't they cute?

Triple trouble

Our sweet neighbor brought the boys a set of games to play with while they were stuck in the house.  It made me wonder...did she hear my screaming and try to save us with her game?  Quite possibly.

The boys started with checkers but fell in love with chess.  They played chess for a hour at a time.  They were getting pretty good too.

One morning they set up the trains and made the dinosaurs attack.

Oh and the Army came too

We got about 10 inches of snow, perfect for sledding.  Just look at that sled dog
The crew

I swear, half of Black Mountain came to the sledding hill at the golf course.  It was so much fun.

I am done with winter.  Bring on the flowers and warm weather.