Monday, January 12, 2015

Indoor Soccer

The boys asked to play indoor soccer this season.  We are fortunate enough to have an indoor field right in Black Mountain.  The boys were able to be on the same team which is great for us.  They love to play together and we only have to go to one practice and game. 
They had their first game this Saturday.  The Grey Eagles won 7 to 5!!  Below are a few photos.  They are not very good as I had to take them through Plexiglas or netting.

Both boys in action

Myles is number 2, Grady is in red shorts


Myles playing some defence


Miss Priss runs around like a mad woman trying to get onto the playing field. 

Big Girl

Recently, with all of our traveling for the holidays, Emma has not been a very good sleeper.  She has pretty much given up naps and was in a nasty habit of trying to sleep with Josh and I.  So, it was a good time to take down the crib.  She wasn't sleeping in it anyway.
Grady was my helper and we disassembled the crib in a matter of minutes.  Emma watched, playing next to us, and didn't seem to care.  Her room feels much more spacious now.  Hopefully, we can get her in a routine of sleeping in her big bed.
As you can see, we had the crib crammed in a corner and the big bed crammed in the other.  We needed a place for grandparents to sleep so we never took the bed out.

Grady took his job seriously.

Moving it out.

Emma's new room

Kirsten asked me if I was sad as Em is my last baby.  No way!  I am over babies and all that comes with them.  Not that toddlers are much easier.......

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve we went over to our friends, Eric and Melissa's house.  Did we stay up until 12?  Heck no.  We left their house at 8 and were in bed by 10.  I think our new years partying days are over.  Still, we had a great time with good friends.
The boys....I can just picture them in college.

Why not do some pull ups for the occasion.

The kids chilled out by watching Barbies Dreamhouse.  Yes, the boys are closet Barbie fans.

I love this pic of Emma and her cat

Sunday, January 11, 2015


After Christmas we headed up to Baltimore to visit Josh's family.  On the way up we stopped at Fort McHenry, famous for being the location where the star spangled banner was written.  We finally had some good weather and it felt so nice to get outside.

Uncle Will joined in the craziness.

Basking in the sun

A little fun with cannons

She struck this pose on her own. 

Where he belongs

Then it was off to Patti and Steve's house.  The food, as usual, was plentiful.

Nick, Carolyn and the boys met us there too.

Look at the smorgasbord.  There were crayfish, stuffed peppers, ham, raw oysters, oysters Rockefeller, artichoke dip, homemade pretzels, and the list goes on and on. 

Brittney and Emma.  It was great to see Patti, Steve, Jake, Britney and AJ.  We were able to catch up as we only see them once a year.

The drinks were plentiful as well....

Myles even tried crayfish.  This is pretty exciting seeing as all he eats are carbs.

After saying goodbye, we made our way back home

Back to North Carolina.  Can you believe how packed we were?  The dog and cat are in there somewhere

Another successful Christmas season.

Christmas in Virginia

We loaded up the van, two adults, three kids, one cat and one dog (and a partridge and a pear tree) and made our way up to VA.  We made it in record time, 6 hrs and 45 min.  One stop.  Josh and I don't mess around when it comes to road trips.  It was great to spend Christmas with my folks and brother.  We made the most of the time we had together.  We ate, drank, laughed and cooked.  I think we all had a wonderful vacation.

Before we left, both boys had performances at school.  Myles' class sung a few songs and danced to the winter solstice (hippy school) and Grady sung the 12 Days of Mathematics (notice Emma ripping papers off the wall as the kids sung).

Yea, it's Uncle Will

Emma made quick work of any food thrown her way

Of course, we had to go to the Natural History Museum

Myles running from the T-Rex

Emma loved the insects

and the ant hill

Will was in the Washington Post for participating in a Christmas bird count in DC

Josh cooked a ton.  He and Will made fried squid and oyster po' boys

Almost time for Santa.  I don't think we could have fit any more presents under the tree.

The boys left cookies and milk for Santa.  I think this is the last year Grady will "believe".  I think he knows already but doesn't say anything.  He asks too many questions and always tries to figure things out.  Kind of sad....

Santa arrived with massive stockings

Myles wrapped in Christmas gifts.  I didn't take any pictures while we were unwrapping.  It was way too chaotic

Emma helped cook after we unwrapped

It was a busy day.  So grateful for my parents who made this day so special for the kids.