Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Swim Team Starts

Swim team started in May and boy was it cold.  Myles is swimming this year too and they both love it.  

Myles swimming laps.  This was his first practice and he has improved so much since then.

Grady is a fish

They had their first meet last week

He loved it

Em was only there for the swim caps

Grady swam 7 races.  His first was butterfly


Myles first race ever.  Ready

Get set

He's off

He was so intense.  Grady doesn't have a competitive bone in his body but this guy is a different story.

He jumped out and said, "did I win, did I win?".  He got second but it was a close one.

Summertime Starts

We kicked off summertime in our new house.  Here's to the pool, fireworks, bare feet, BBQ and relaxing. 

The tiny house is finished and so far so good.  

A friend gave Emma a hand me down bike.  Emma loves it. 

There have been some trips to the local coffee house...mom needs coffee....

Some trips to the local cup cake shop.

and general craziness

No they are not normal

Myles is a trooper and regularly participate in Emma's beauty shop

There are a few naps....not many

Poor Gumbo tries to nap but there is not much room to escape

There have been lots, I mean lots of skinned up knees

Our garden is growing like crazy. Zucchini, squash, kale, peppers, lettuce and tomatoes.

And I just had to post this one.  It was a momentous occasion.  All three kids asleep at the same time!!  This has never happened....ever....ever.  This was after a long weekend of spend the night parties.

Grady's Field Day

Field Day marks the end of the school year and happens to be Grady's favorite school day.  Go figure.  This Field Day was bittersweet as Grady will leave Black Mountain Primary and go to school with Myles at Evergreen.  We are lucky he was able to get in as it's a lottery and only two spaces opened up in 3rd grade.  He is looking forward to the change as he always embraces new and exciting adventures.  Emma and I went to Field Day to check out the fun.  

I can't believe he will be in 3rd grade next year.

As usual, Grady addressing a crowd of kids.

Emma was not intimidated by the big kids.  She jumped right in line and wanted to participate.

No fear as this little one climbed up the massive slide/bouncy house.

She made a few friends as well.  I love her outgoing personality.

Ready for 3rd grade.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Adoption Day

The day finally arrived, Adoption Day!!  I have been playing this day over and over in my head for 2 1/2 years.  Did it go as I imagined? Of course not but it was beautiful none the less.  I wouldn't have predicted that Emma was going to run up to the Bailiff and want to sit on his lap.  How would I have known that Emma would have been running circles around the court room or that Myles would follow her doing the exact same thing?  Or that Grady would so eloquently say to the judge that he would always love and protect his little sister.  BUT those are my kids, all three of them are awesome in their own way.
I was thrilled that my mom, dad, brother, Leia, Duffy, Brian and Martha were there with us.  It made the day even more special to be surrounded by family and friends.  Our amazing social worker was able to celebrate the day with us as well.  
People keep asking me how I feel now that Emma is officially my daughter.  That's a tough question.  I have always felt like she was mine, no matter how hard I tried to put up my guard at first (that lasted about a week).  I have always loved her like a daughter.  I have a sense of relief that has come with the signing of the adoption papers.  For 2 1/2 years, I have lived with a fear that Emma would have to leave our family.  That is something that I can't explain in words.  What a roller coaster ride fostering can be.  I would be so in love with Emma one minute, then get a call that an aunt or niece was going to take her.  My heart hurt. 
No more!  She is our crazy, loving, energetic, wild daughter.  She completes our family.  This is super cheesy but I looked up her name, Emma, in a baby book.....guess what it means?! Whole.

The day was made extra special by the fact that the judge was adopted too and shared her story.  She said during her adoption ceremony she jumped up on the judged bench.  Everyone joked that she would one day be a judge.  She said that since Emma jumped on the Bailiff's chair, maybe she would be in law enforcement.

Emma's buddy for the ceremony.  She loved him!!  

She said she wanted to make a "funny face".

Emma with Theresa, her social worker

She loves Ms. Theresa.  

Officially a family of 5

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moving Day

May has been the busiest month of my life.  I graduated, we sold our house, got the house ready to move, moved into an unfinished 440 square foot house, Grady's birthday and we adopted Emma (more on that to come).  Below are some photo of the house on the day we moved in.  We are currently living in a construction site.
I thought I would be more upset to leave Goldmont.  We were married in that house, brought our three kids home to that house and have so many memories surrounding that little red house.  It was such a whirl wind, that I forgot to be sad.  I was able to walk around the house by myself before I left and I admit, I shed a tear.  Then I had to rush around, pick up the kids, unpack boxes, etc.  Like I said, no time to be sad.  Maybe it will hit me in a few days.

The house without the front porch

Side view (without siding)

Living room and loft

We had our friends over for a little moving in dinner

Another view

The boys room

Bathroom, complete with adorable monkey in the tub

Emma room

Bye Bye Goldmont