Monday, September 26, 2016

End of Boating Season

We had fantastic weather this weekend.  Being that it is the end of September, we figured this was our last weekend to get out on the lake before it gets too cold.  The water was still warm and the sun was shining.  We met up with friends and had a wonderful time.  

Pip is the best water dog ever

She rides on the wakeboard

Grady, Myles and Eli


Emma has been going to dance for a month now.  It has come to an abrupt end.  I had to make her go to the last class as she kept saying that she didn't want to dance anymore.  We went regardless of her ranting.  When we arrived at the studio, she didn't want me to leave and was very clingy (soooo uncharacteristic of my Emma).  I went in and joined the other little girls in the circle.  They were pointing and flexing their tiny toes and stretching before the main event.  The teacher asked the girls to make a table with their bodies (legs out in front, bent and arms behind their backs).  She went around in the circle and asked each girl what was on their "table".  Various girls replied, "pink unicorns", "sparkling cupcakes", "PONIES" get the gist.  When she asked Em what she had on her table, Emma glared at her and in a very deadpan voice replied, "poop".  The teacher was shocked and said, "well, I guess that will work".  
We promptly left.
Moral of the story....If Emma doesn't want to do something, she won't.  Truthfully, I loved her answer!  Much more interesting that pink and purple unicorns.  Emma, you are incredibly cool.

She's a piece of work

She bit Grady's shirt and wouldn't let go

Seriously, she wouldn't let go.....
So cute, yet so vicious.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mountain State Fair 2016

We had a surprisingly cooler day at the Mountain State Fair this year.  By that, I mean it wasn't in the 90's....still hot though.  We cruised around, checked out all the food vendors before we decided on our  fare.  Myles and Emma choose corn dogs (gross), Josh had a gyro, Grady picked chicken and waffles with hot sauce.  I went with a giant plate of fried, sliced potatoes.  I think we ate our weekly dose of calories in one sitting.  After gorging ourselves, we looked at the farm animals and rode some rides.  The Mountain State Fair never disappoints.  

Munchin' on a corn dog

Bumper cars

My beautiful boy and his chicken and waffles 

We split a mountain of fried potatoes.  


Emma rode the train

The flying Scala Bros

Grady giving Em some driving lessons

Let's not forget the cotton candy

After all these years, Grady is still smitten with helicopters

Thursday, September 8, 2016


I have started back to work again.  It is wonderful for my mental wellbeing but incredibly stressful trying to juggle the kid's schedules.  My old neighbor, Gretchen, offered to watch Emma while I'm working and I couldn't be more thankful for her.  She has two little boys that are the same age difference as Myles and Grady.  Her life reminds me exactly of mine 7 years ago.  Gretchen is fantastic with kids and such a fun person.  I couldn't ask for a better person to watch Emma.

She took the kids to the Nature Center after school one day this week.  

I love that she sent me these photos

Emma and Lucian

Grandad's Apples - A Tradition

 Last weekend we went to Grandad's Apple Orchard.  It wasn't the best weekend to go.  Not only was it Labor Day weekend but the Apple Festival was taking place in Hendersonville.  Grandad's was the busiest that I have ever seen it.  Good for them but hectic for us.  We didn't spend as much time as we usually do and unfortunately, we didn't get their delicious apple donuts.  The line for the bakery was out into the parking lot.  We settled for caramel apples and homemade apple bread.  Although it was crowded, September wouldn't be the same without a visit to Grandad's.  Oh, and this time we bought a whole bushel of apples.  Let's see how long they last in our apple loving house.

I need to compare these to last year

Feeding the already very full goat

They have improved their kid area

I want josh to build one of these in the back yard

Getting a little help

It took both boys to get her up

They are such great big brothers

What kid doesn't like a huge pile of hay?

Until next year......