Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Ladies

As if I needed one more thing to take care of, we went out and bought chickens.  The kids have been begging for them for years.  Now that we are finally settled in the house, we made the purchase.  Josh has been working on a coop for a few weeks.  When it was ready, we did a little research about chickens.  I found a great farm that sold Barred Plymouth Rock chicks.  They are a beautiful breed of chicken that makes good layers.  
We went out to the farm and came home with three baby chicks.  They are adorable!  The kids have named them "Elsa", "Breakfast" and "Chic-fila".  Let's hope we can keep these things alive for a few years.

Emma checking out the coop

Grady with "Breakfast"

Petting their bellies

They are two weeks old and can already escape their brooding box

They will stay in the basement for another month.  After that, we will move them to the coop.

We let them play outside while supervised.

If they can survive Emma's "love" then they can take on any fox, raccoon or possum.

Welcome to the family, ladies.

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I asked for one go hiking.  We went up to the Pink Beds in Pisgah Forest.  I have gone to this site several times for work and absolutely love it.  I really wanted to take the family up there to enjoy it as well.  It was a beautiful day, no one was fighting or complaining, and everyone had fun.  Now, that's what I call a great Mother's Day

Playing on an old bridge


Cute little Pip balancing on a tree

She sure can look angelic.

The boys were able to catch all sorts of critters in the wetland.  Grady had a newt in one hand and a tadpole in the other.

I love the boardwalk area of this trail

While the boys found critters, Emma made a mudpie

She honed her skills and this was the final product

A boy and his dog

Red spotted newt

Myles and Pippy

As tradition dictates, we had Mother's Day donuts

Notice the pen on her face.  An hour in the car can cause some boredom.

We ended on a high note

Happy Place

A few weeks ago, the boys were off of school due to parent/teacher conferences.  I had to work in the morning so I took them with me.  We had a small school coming and I was only teaching the same program twice in a row.  The boys were instructed to sit behind my table and be quiet.  Do you think they listened?  No way!  They were jumping around, distracting the students and taking videos of me teaching.  One kid raised his hand and said, "who are those kids behind you".  I had to explain that they were my sons that were not listening!  
Anyway, after teaching Emily let the boys hold all of her creatures.  They were in heaven.  

Grady holding Goblin the screech owl

Isn't he cute?

Myles got a turn 

Next we moved on to Tina the toad

and on to Perry the possum

They saved the best for last....the snakes

I sure do have a beautiful office.  Photo credit to Myles