Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Great Lakes

Shelley and Peter were kind enough to give us a bunch of furniture for our new house.  We went up to  PA to pick it up and made a long vacation out of the journey.  We stayed in Pittsburgh for a night and then went up to the Great Lakes.  I have never been up to that part of the country.  It was more beautiful than I pictured.

Our first stop was Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie.  It was so windy and the waves were huge (for a lake).

Emma wasn't so sure about the strong waves

The boys, on the other hand, wouldn't get out.

It was just like the ocean without the nasty salt water.

We stopped at the Tom Ridge Environmental Education Center

Our next stop was in Buffalo at the Anchor Bar, home of the first buffalo wing.  Josh has been wanting to stop here and try the first wing!

We camped on Lake Erie in the heart of wine county

The campground had a pool

Our campsite in the trees.  No one was around

There was a playground too

and a fishing pond

Notice the vineyard in the background

This is my favorite pic.  Emma trying to "pee like my boys"

In true Black Mtn Scala style, we forgot our mugs.  We are never really prepared.

Coffee in a pan, yes please.

We asked the boys to watch Emma while we packed up camp.  They decided that they needed to tie her to them to keep her safe.  I might try that.....

Road trippin with a 3 year old

Bucket stuck on her head

Our next stop was Lake Ontario

I love this kid

The sunset from our campground was amazing

Trying to get a photo when WWF erupted 

More swimming in Lake Ontario

The boys were fascinated with a dead carp

Two tents tonight at 4 Mile Creek State Park. 

Next stop: Niagara Falls.  Check out the mist from the falls.  We thought it was a fire.

The Maid of the Mist boat ride

The elevator that takes you down to the boat

Emma was not impressed

We were soaked

Looking at the Canadian side


The Rainforest Cafe for lunch