Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Breaking Ground and Sunny Days

Josh broke ground at our lot today.  He has started to build our "tiny" house.  If I haven't mentioned what we are doing, here goes: We are building a tiny house, only 400 square feet.  We will live in the tiny house while our big house is being built.  This, hopefully, will save us some money as we will be living rent/mortgage free.  When we move into the big house (if I am still sane from living with 4 other people, one cat, one dog and a fish in 400 square feet) we will rent out the "tiny" house.
It is going to be an adventure, for sure.  An adventure that I hope doesn't land me in a psych ward.

Imagine....these guys is a tiny house.  Scary

Josh was hard at work digging footers.  The kids were hard at work putting more dirt back in the holes.

Look, I found a Leprechaun

Seriously, what is wrong with this kid? Grady, you are something else

Look how big Emma is getting.  He adoption should be final this Spring!!

Giving Grady a ride

She prefers to push rather than ride

Gumbo is one of Emma favorite things in the world.  The old guy is slowing down enough for her to catch him.  

Myles in his "Jacuzzi tub"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Proud Daughter

Anyone that knows my mom, knows that she is an amazing woman.  She has accomplished so much and helped so many people throughout her lifetime.  Now, she can add the title of author to her long list of achievements.  If I turn out to be half the woman she is, I will be content. Way to go, Mom.  I am so proud of you.

Look at her in action.  At a book signing in her home town of Summerville, SC

Her friends think she is pretty awesome too.  They had a party to celebrate 

Snow...Hopefully the Last

Finally, we got a decent amount of snow.  I hate winter but if we have a little bit of snow to play with it makes it a little more bearable.  We hit the sledding hill along with the rest of our town.  It was busy but the boys ran into all of their friends.  They had so much fun.  Emma did not share their love of sledding.  At least we got out of the house for a bit and enjoyed being outside.

She might look happy here but this is what she really looked like.....

Ahhh...  She screamed most of the time, hated being cold yet wouldn't keep her mittens on.  The joys of a two year old.

My dad fixed up my old sled for the boys a few years ago.  It still has a bunch of sled runs in its future.

Emma stopped crying long enough to pull the sled around.

Shredding the mountain

Myles, watching the snow melt.  He likes winter better than the rest of us.

The snowman turned into a snow chair

She had to go into the tub to warm up.

Finally happy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stuck at Home Selfies

So we had a few snow days.  Or maybe I should call them Ice days.  It was in the single digits with a 1/2 inch of ice on the roads.  We couldn't go anywhere or even sled.  Needless to say, we were going a little stir crazy.  We played the "selfie game" a lot.... a lot.  The object of the game is to make a face that is the best reaction to a scenario.  The most accurate face wins.  We are all pros.

Some one tooted really close to you.

You accidentally tooted in public.

You have to poop and there isn't a toilet (are you seeing a bathroom trend here.....I have boys)


You just saw a carnivorous dinosaur

Someone tooted in your face.

A dinosaur jumped in front of you

A T rex jumped on the table in front of you

Someone just punched you in the face.  And there you have it.... pros

Happy 6th Birthday, Myles

Happy Birthday to my baby boy.  Every year I am surprised when the kids are a year older.  I can't believe he is 6.  Where has the time gone?  Myles had a really cool birthday week starting with the arrival of Mimi and Papaw, then several snow days and finally his party.  

What can I say about this guy? He is funny, loving, stubborn and strange (as most kids should be).  He adores his stuffed animals and his dinosaurs.  Myles loves school and is a sponge for knowledge.  He is focused in his school work and has made a lot of friends.  Myles is unique and paves his own way.  I can't imagine our life without this amazing kid.  

Mimi and Papaw gave him a "big monkey" to go along with his "big frog".  He was in heaven! 

Josh and I got him a few little things.  

He is into Pokemon this year.  I just don't get it....

Then the gifts from Gramma and Grandpa arrived!!  They always know just what he likes.

Grady helped him open everything

Myles had a little Face Time with Gramma and Grandpa.  

On the morning of his party, he asked me to make a Pokemon cake.  This is what happened.  Looks like a yellow rabbit.  It was the most horrible tasting cake I have ever had.  I should have used a boxed mix....

Myles wanted his party to be at the gymnastics place.  The whole gang showed up.

Singing to Myles

He loved the attention

Make a wish

I thought these were cute.  They were waiting for Mimi and Papaw to drive up.

They are here!!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Em's first trip to the dentist

Whoops, I forgot to post these.  Em had her first trip to the dentist in November.  All looked good, no cavities.  Thank goodness we took the bottle away from her in time.  It looks like she is going to have some dental work in her future.  She is missing a permanent tooth!  Nothing we can't fix down the road.

Of course, she got a new toothbrush

Ummm....wrong end

Sick Days

Emma took a few sick days this week.  Boy was she grumpy!  I don't remember the boys ever being so whiny.  It's awful.  She had a fever but got over it pretty quickly.  

Look how pathetic she was

She woke up and wanted to take picutes

The next day she was up for a walk around the lake

 Catching some rays

She didn't quite have her normal speed

She's back....I put her out of the car and she bolted down the street.  Nope, she doesn't have shoes on but she's still fast.

She had a cardiologist appointment this week as well.

All looks good