Monday, November 13, 2017


Emma has been taking dance this school year.  They had a little Halloween themed performance, a version of Thriller.  Umm, Em should probably stick with running and swimming.  Haha!  

She didn't feel like performing the first time around.  Apparently, she had lost the game they were playing prior to the performance and was over it all.  She was crying in this picture and ran to us.

She joined the next class and kind of danced.  As you can see, she also talked to the teacher in the middle of dancing and tried to pull off another student's mask.  All the kids when one way, she went the other.  Such is life.

I like this one.  All the kids are down....Emma is up.  


 Halloween was fun as usual this year.  The boys were excited to dress up for their school parade and Emma was happy to try on every single costume we own.  After the school festivities, we hit the streets of Black Mountain.  No one was lost, candy was gained so I consider it a success. 

Emma has a million costumes.  Princesses, super heros, you name it.  She chose to be a Knight for school.

She found Myles knight costume he wore at age 2.

In a room full of a knight!!

When she walked into school amidst the multitude of princesses, her teachers cracked up.  She is definitely not the damsel in destress type but a warrior.

For the big event, she changed into a cowboy (with a babydoll)

Grady was Jason from Friday the 13th

Complete with cap gun.

The boys

Oh Myles, my creative child.  In third grade they have a superhero unit.  They talk about what makes a person a hero and write a book about a superhero they create.  Myles wanted to be the superhero in his story.

She's a mess

Myles knew exactly what his superhero was supposed to look like.  We had to scour Good Will and find the perfect articles of clothing.  They has to be right color, fit, etc.  I kept telling him that no one else would know if it was a little off, but he wasn't having it.

The costume was exactly as it should have been according to Myles

It involved a sewing machine.......

Here comes trouble

Ready to hit the streets

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pumpkin Train 2017

We went to Bryson City to ride the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad.  The boys were not too excited about it this year.  They basically did it for Emma.  They were troopers but it was sad to see that they were outgrowing it.  Emma loved every minute and the boys were happy running around.  Sadly enough, this might be our last ride on the "Pumpkin Train".

The kids were given Snoopy ears.  Grady didn't even open his.

Just look at that smile.  

Can he not take a normal pic?  I think its impossible

She was telling him a secret.

Eating roasted marshmallows

Picking her pumpkin

The "Wizard".  He was a scarecrow but Emma refused to call him anything but a wizard.

Emma offering the "Wizard" a piece of candy.  She has absolutely no fear at all.

This hardly ever happens but the train wore her out.

Peace out, Pumpkin Train!