Sunday, August 28, 2016

Balsam Lake

Every year our friends, Robert and Kitty, rent the Balsam Lake Lodge.  It's a rustic house, in the middle of nowhere, owned by the US Forest Service.  It sleeps around 20 people so they invite all their family and friends.  We opted to camp in our tent but took advantage of being close to the lodge.  It's always great fun to meet new people and see some of the folks that come every year.  Most of the folks there love to cook so there was a never ending buffet.  Robert had a fish fry one night and smoked meat the next.  There were tons of kids running around in a big group, playing the same games I use to play as a kid.  So fun to watch.  I think the biggest hit with our kids was the lake, as usual.

We brought our new dog, Pip, with us.  She was great in the water.  Good thing because it's what we do all summer.

She rode well in the canoe

The boys loved the paddle board

You can't find a much more beautiful setting

Pip even tested out the paddle board.  She loved it!

Grady took her for a float

I couldn't find Emma for a sec..... She's good at hiding

Nice form, Josh

Getting ready to jump

Pip was ready too.


The whole fam, minus Mom

Back home, Emma and Pip were ready for bed.  

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Incredible Asheville Urban Odyssey Race

My friend Lindsay's sister bought her a fun race entry for her birthday.  She needed to find two extra friends to complete the team.  Lindsay asked me to join in as I'm her friend "that's up for anything".  I had no idea what I was getting into but I said sure (true to her thoughts about me).  It turned out to be a super fun race through the city of Asheville.  We had to collect clues at stations around the city.  To get the clues you had to preform a task or challenge then race to the next station.  We raced through the city, laughing most of the time, and earned 3rd place.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Team "Bacon and Beer"

Making food for a mouse at the mouse mural.

Playing bag toss for the next clue

Answering super hero questions and a photo op

Pipistrelle "Pip" Scala

Since our Gumbo died in April, we have been missing a furry friend in the house.  Of course, we still have Caesar but we wanted a friend of the canine variety.  I'd been looking since we moved but no dogs caught my eye until I saw this little bat eared dog.  We wanted a dog that was at least 2 years old (past the puppy stage) but I fell in love with this face.  Plus, we needed a dog that was good with small kids and cats.  This was a pretty tough find.  
I went to meet her last Wednesday and she ended up coming home with me.  She's been a great pup so far and with some basic obedience, she will be awesome.  

This is the listing for  her

  Just look at those ears!  That's where we got her name.  A Pipistrelle is a little bat native to our area.  Doesn't she look like a little bat?

Other names that were suggested:
Emma like Buttercup and Pretzel
Myles liked Foxey
Grady liked Echo, Luna, Stella 

I surprised the boys in the car rider line when I picked them up from school.  They were thrilled.

Getting use to her new yard.

Grady, trying to teach her tricks

Poor dog was pretty overwhelmed with all the attention from the kids

We have no idea what breed she is.  Maybe some herding dog or german shepherd?
Myles insists that she is a "tea cup German Shepherd"

Welcome to this crazy family, Pip