Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Break- The big 4 0 {part 2}

On the morning of my 40th birthday, I really didn't want to get out of bed.  I still don't want to be 40.  I sat in bed for a long time and decided that I should be happy that I made it to 40 as some don't have that luxury.  So with a positive spin on my birthday, I got out of the camper and was greeted with the smell of cinnamon buns cooked in a dutch oven.  My family and friends were all milling around and that helped make my heart happy.  
We went to the beach, then Botany Bay (an old plantation), had dinner at a roadside stand, followed by homemade key lime pie (also from a roadside stand), and finally a fun night by the campfire.
It turned out to be a wonderful, peaceful day.  Maybe 40 won't be so bad......

Mike getting the cinnamon buns off the fire

So they were a little burnt.  Seems that cooking in a dutch oven takes some practice.

Volia' The finished product

Just don't eat the bottom

The kids didn't mind 

Myles and Emmett played a little chess

We took another bike train to the beach

You can see why the campground is called Live Oak

To the beach

Can you see the rainbow and three helicopters?

She was telling me that she was cooking "inchworm for dinner"

We went to Botany Bay, a plantation.  The plantation house is no longer there but you could see a few old out buildings and ruins.  It was a beautiful area

I love these photos that Amanda took.  She is so talented

Grady and his crab.

Josh and Myles

Three peas in a pod


4 nutty kids

Melissa gave Em a ride

Mike found a turnip field on Botany Bay

After the plantation tour, we went to Flowers Seafood.  It was a road side stand with the most fantastic seafood.

We brought it back to the campground

and the feast began

Josh in his happy place, eating crabs

Amanda ate seamed oysters.  Yum

Emma and Oyster had some play time

All I asked for for my birthday was an umbrella in a drink.  Melissa couldn't find any in the store so she made me one.  It was better than any store bought umbrella!  I love my friends

They bought homemade key lime pie from a roadside stand.  It was phenomenal  

After the kids had gone to bed, the grownups celebrated.  They made me take a shot of tequila.  

You can see I am out of practice 

Melissa took one too

She handled it better than I did

more shenanigans

shotgunning a beer

Our Christmas lights made Amanda look a bit like Jesus....maybe that was the tequila

A few days later, it was time to head home.  What a fun vacation!  We even managed some relaxing moments, which doesn't happen often on family trips.  

It was Easter the day after we got back to Black Mountain.  We usually don't celebrate Easter but the kids really wanted to dye some eggs.  I'm always up for that!  

Their masterpieces

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Break- Edisto Island {part 1}

We just came home from an amazing spring break with friends.  Melissa and I made reservations at Edisto Beach State Park about 6 months ago.  This was highly unusual for us as neither of us are good at planning.  I'm so glad we did because it was a great trip.  Lots of beach time, bike riding, campfire sitting, eating, drinking, crabbing, catching creepy crawlies and quality time with friends.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect and the campground was amazing.  We are already planning our next adventure.

The bike train heading to the beach.  The campground was less than ten minutes by bike.

Melissa had to help Alice.

The bike trail through the marsh

Up and ready for exploring

Grady found a great climbing tree

Emma couldn't climb quite as high as her big bro

She is in awe of her brothers

She doesn't give up easily

Fiddler crab

A margarita and a hammock, can't get much better than that

Eric and Melissa

Feral children in the campsite

The boys brought back their catch

Emma followed

Up to their knees in marsh mud


Alice and Emma

I woke up as I was dreaming that someone was strangling me.  Guess who it was?

Bike ride


Alice put up with Emma driving her nuts.  She was so kind!


We met up with another family from Evergreen.  The kids had a blast running around in their gang

She looks so peaceful when she sleeps

Myles and Emmett did some drawing

Emma tried out Alice's bike

I had a personal hair stylist, Alice

She created masterpieces 

We rode along the beach to Shell Island

Emma and her chariot

Our friends, Mike and Amanda, joined us.  It was Mike's birthday the day they arrived

We went to the Serpentarium on Edisto

They got to hold a boa

and touch a lizard

A Carolina anole (not in a cage)

The educational program was awesome

The educator handled venomous snakes. This is a water moccasin, right at her feet.

more beach time

Emma decided that she needed some alone time.  She quietly picked up her stuff and moved down the beach.

Josh helped her set up

Back at the campsite, Grady caught a Rough Green Snake

Amanda gave Emma a ride on her cool bike.  See the handle bars on the back?

A sweet couple walked around the campground blowing bubbles for the kids.

They said they usually do this for their grandchildren but they weren't there.  They thought other kids in the campground would enjoy the bubbles.

Grady took the "Party Bus" around the campsite throughout the day

The gang

Jump roping on the beach