Monday, April 20, 2015

Tiny House Progress

Here is the Tiny House, all 440 square feet of it.  Josh is making amazing progress on the little place.  The drywallers come tomorrow and soon we will have walls.  We plan on moving in around the middle of May.  It's crazy that Josh built us a house in 2 months.  

This was a few weeks ago

Inside, before the walls went up

I can't resist taking a pic of this cutie

Or two....

Side view


The siding is wood that he milled from the trees that were cut down on our lot.  It looks awesome.

The metal roof is on

Spray foam insulation is in.  Ready for drywall to go up.  

Cat Girl

A few weeks ago I posted some pics of Emma and "her" cat.  I have more to share.  They are too cute not to.  She can't get enough of "cat-cat" and he tolerates her affection very well.

Spring Break...cont.

Josh ended up taking a few photos of the boys Easter egg hunting. was freezing.  

Myles on the go

Grady had a full bag of eggs

Gramma did a little egg dying with the boys.

Working hard on their masterpieces

The finished products

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break

Yea!!  Gramma and Grandpa came to visit for spring break.  Josh is super busy building the house and I had to work so the grandparents helped out with the kids.  They took them to the Greenville Zoo, the Biltmore and several other fun places.  They also came bearing Easter baskets!!  Thank you all for everything.

Emma got a new lamb for Easter

The boys got Nerf guns

We also went to the Black Mountain easter egg hunt

It was freezing!!!

Emma wasn't sure what to do at first but she caught on.

I only have pics of Emma because the boys had to hunt eggs in a different field.  They split up the age groups which was great for the little ones.
Stay tuned for pics of dying eggs with Gramma

Love Town- Evergreen

Evergreen had an open house to showcase the hard work that the kids had done since winter break.  The kindergartners had a unit on community helpers.  They had to pick a person in their community that they wanted to be when they grew up, interview that person and report back to their class.  There were doctors, teachers, vets, firemen, policemen and......a herpetologist.  Yes, Myles had to pick the profession that no one had ever heard of.    He interviewed a friend of mine at Chimney Rock and explained his chosen profession to his class.  On the open house night, we toured the class and spoke to the kids about who they were.  It was super cute.  They named their town "Love Town"....darn hippy school :)

Myles the herpetologist.

Myles report on being a herpetologist.

Dancing Ponies

The week before spring break was a busy one.  Grady had his final performance of Dancing Ponies and Myles had an open house.  Let me delve a little deeper in to the magic of "dancing ponies".  The Dancing Ponies  is a group that does Appalachian circle dancing or square dancing.  All of the second graders are asked in the beginning of the year if they would like to participate in Dancing Ponies.  Of course, Grady said he wanted to do it.  A few of his friends said their parents would let them do it because it was "for girls".  What?!  That just made me want him to do it more.  I won't get on that soapbox....
Anyway, after months of practicing, they had their final performance.  It was adorable as you can imagine.  Grady loved it but I think he has hung up his dancing shoes....

Waiting for the show to begin

Em, waiting patiently 

How cute!!

Thanks to Gramma for the awesome cowboy boots.

Emma was dying to dance during the show.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Springtime at the Biltmore

Last weekend we went out to the Biltmore to see the spring flowers.  It was beautiful as always.