Saturday, January 9, 2016

MD, PA and NYC

We were on the move during our two week Christmas break.  After VA, we went to see Josh's family in MD and PA.  Then we went up to NYC to visit friends.  We were able to catch up with a lot of family on our way up the east coast, which was wonderful.  Usually, Josh can't take off a lot of work over the holidays but this break came at a perfect time.  
We were going to head back to NC from NYC but we stopped off in VA again and spent a few more days.  None of us were ready to get back to our 440 square foot home.  It was so great to spread out and relax.

Patti gave the kids some wonderful presents.

Of course, there was a lot of eating

Myles and Buck, the biggest lab I have ever seen.

Emma and AJ

A rare photo of Josh and I 

Gramma, Grandpa and the grandkids

Grandpa and Emma reading books

Getting ready to open presents

Gramma and Grandpa gave the kids a swing set for Xmas.  They were so excited.

Nicholas and Connor got an Xbox so there was a lot of playing.

We left PA and headed to NYC to visit friends.  Josh's best friend from high school, Chris, lives in the city.  We bombarded their tiny apartment for a night.

Checking out the city at night

We got to meet little Vera.  Emma was in love.

Chris showed us around the city.  First stop, Central Park Zoo

We stopped by a cool kaleidoscope art piece


Chris and Julia's street in Brooklyn

It was pretty cold in the city

Rockefeller Center

Trump Tower....I think our kids have listened in on our political discussions

At the zoo

Our little bag lady

Nick and Carolyn gave Emma this "spin" dress.  She LOVED it.

We took the Staten Island Ferry.

It went past Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.   I think the kids got a good taste of the city.  When asked about their favorite part, it was unanimously the subway.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015 in VA

We went up north for Christmas.  We took an entire two weeks and made the most of it.  Our first stop was Virginia to visit Mimi and Papaw.

Mimi attempted to make a Gingerbread house with the kids

They failed miserably.  This was the final product.

The boys helped Mimi in the garden

Mimi and Papaw were prepared for our visit

So was I

Papaw took the boys to shoot guns and ride the ATV.  They were in heaven.

Mimi's garden

The smoking men

In DC at the Botanical Gardens.  Grady's hair was stuck in the thorns.....

A garden Gnome

We went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens

These guys are huge fans

Uncle Will taught the boys how to play the didgeridoo

Josh took the boys to NASA.  His friend from high school works there and gave them a grand tour.

They picked up some space ice cream

The boys made us a "fruit salad" (with dried kiwi and carrots)

It was pretty grey outside but we played in the garden

Emma gave her cat some "love"

Em helped Mimi in the garden

We went to the National Zoo in DC

And of course....there was Christmas morning.  The traditional giant stockings were filled

This was my favorite present.  Myles designed earrings for me, sent a drawing to Aunt Duffy, she made them and I received them for Christmas.  What an amazing gift.

This man loves a three piece suit and weapons

Mimi made an apple pie and then promptly poured eggs all over it.  Par for the course.....

Merry Christmas!!!

Emma and one of her favorite people, Papaw