Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fall Fotos

Seeing as I would like to eventually print this blog and use it as a photo album, I figured I would throw some random pics in here.  These are from Sept to Nov, just cute happenings.  Mostly of little E because this is such a cute age.

Slurping noodles

We bought Emma a new bike.  Poor third child doesn't get too many new things

She prefers to push instead of ride

Snuggled up

Three blonds

She's a Southern Belle.  Just look at the big hair and pants

Reading to baby

Potty not really.  The toilet is more of a throne

We went camping and to the Renaissance Festival.  It was COLD in the camper

The boys loved this guy that would make fun of people and they would throw tomatoes at him.  It was hilarious

Large and in charge

Taking "bumbo" for a walk

E loves to draw

Happy Fall

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our Baby Girl is 2

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emma.  We can't believe it has been almost two years since you joined our family.  You are perfect in every way and I wouldn't want you any other way.  Your spunky attitude puts us all in our places.  I'm pretty sure you run the household. 
People are always staying how lucky you are to be in our family but I have never seen it that way.  It is quite the opposite.  We are so lucky to have you.  How did such a perfect baby fall into our arms?  I will always try to make you proud.  Your bothers will always protect you. Your dad.....well, I'm pretty sure you have him wrapped around your little finger.  You have completed our family.

The birthday girl surrounded by presents from Gramma, Grandpa, Mimi and Papaw.

Giving the baby her "pass"

Trying it out for size

She was shocked by all the presents

Taking care of baby

Taking care of Grady

Cozy in her new sleeping bag.  Thanks, Gramma and Grandpa


Happy 2nd Birthday....Gatlinburg Style

For Emma's 2nd Birthday weekend we took a trip to Gatlinburg, TN.  The kids love visiting this super tacky town.  We saw the sights, walked the streets, went to the aquarium and Dollywood.  Em enjoyed every minute of it.
The streets were already decorated for Christmas

Happy Birthday, Emma

The Ripley's aquarium is one of our favorites

Emma enjoyed all of the "pish"

Shark Lagoon

Our little climber had to explore her own way

Look at my big kid.  I can't believe how tall he is getting. 

The Scala kids are not normal.  They watched the sharks on their backs while moving along the conveyor belt

Grady helped Emma along the tunnels

The boys are amazing with their little sis

On to Dollywood.  Emma wasn't sure about the rides.  She could handle the duck but that was about it.

Myles wanted to try one of the "scary rides"

Look at his face

Santa Claus is coming to town

They just look like trouble

Happy birthday, sweet girl.  We love you

Monday, November 10, 2014

First Snow of the Season

We didn't get too much snow, just a dusting.  It was a good practice run to see what kind of warm snow clothes were needed.  They grow out of things so quickly.  It was enough snow to get a little taste....literally.

Em tried to catch some in her mouth

Bundled up


Myles taught Em to eat the snow

Still not so sure about cold weather.

Halloween Night of our favorite nights of the year.  The boys dressed up as Harry Potter and Malfoy.  Have I mentioned that they are obsessed with the Harry Potter books?  We have read all 7 of them.  It took over a year of reading them at bed time but we finally finished this month.  They were excited to hit the streets and show off their costumes.  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!! 

Ready to hit the streets

Little lady bug joined in the fun

First house down....more to go.

Little lady wasn't sure what all of this was about. 

Soon she got it....running down the street, yelling "boys, boys, boys".  She's going to be a track star as she always tries to keep up with her brothers.

Em's first house

Soon she was walking up alone.  She is so brave!

Finally she realized that there was candy involved.

The whole crew. 
You think they were tired?  It was a late night of running the streets and sorting candy